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Gram’s Place is a Hostel Bed and Breakfast located in Tampa FL that was established in 1991 as a result of owner Mark Holland taking a trip to Amsterdam.

Impressed by the tolerant nature of Amsterdam and receiving the Dutch “Gram Parsons Award” created by Henk Korsten of the Netherlands, recognizing Parsons as the official God Father of Country Rock Music, Mark set out with a dream: The idea was to bring all people together through music, the international language.

In 1980 he founded The Gram Parsons Foundation to Share, Perpetuate and Educate people about the music of Gram Parsons.

Working 4 years with John Kravets, Judy Katz, Mark wrote, produced and directed the only Video documentary ever to this day (“The Legend of the Grievous Angel”) for public access Cable in Tampa, on Parsons. Completed in April of 1989, The following Nov. he made his first trip to Amsterdam.

With only a dream of a place where all people could gather in the Spirit of “Music” and “Mitakuye Oyasin”(a native American word which means “We are all related” Gram’s Place was born.

In the beginning a name for this Hostel Bed & Breakfast in Hillsborough County was needed and from the beginning “Gram’s Place” seemed to fit.

The dream was reinforced by many people since 1991. It was the joining of “Spirits” between Mark Holland and Brenda McClintock (then from Ohio, now from Yucca Valley Calf.) in 1993, as well as the support of all who have stayed that has brought Gram’s Place Hostel to where it is today.

Gram’s Place Hostel is not for everyone, but we feel everyone will find it interesting and unique.

It was the suggestion of a past guest that the quaint brick walk way connecting the two properties was named “Gram Straat” (Straat is Dutch for Street.) with street signs making it official. Each room has it’s own comment book and many past guests ideas have been a part of creating this hostel and will continue in the future.